The Bandwagon Swing Orchestra is a Stockholm based band consisting of nine musicians with a shared passion for jazz and swing. The band met at university through involvement in various others bands and have been playing together since the spring of 2014. When not playing many of the members express their passion for swing music through dancing instead.

The Bandwagon Swing Orchestra has performed at, among other places, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Chicago swing dance studio, the Swedish Swing Society, Stampen and Swingin’ Saturday in Örebro.

The Bandwagon Swing Orchestra is:

Björn Ottosson – Trombone

Carl-Johan Hörberg – Trumpet

Tove Odland – Tenor Saxophone

Sofia Asplund – Alto, Soprano & Baritone Saxophone

Karl Zachrisson – Clarinett

Malin Lindell – Vocals & Piano

Johan Nilsson – Drums

Albin Axelsson – Guitar & Banjo

Jonas Hellgren – Bass



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